"The Shape of Ice" - A portrait of the Fellaria Glacier in Italy.
"A memory is a support in which information is stored so that it can be easily accessed even after a long time. Just like a memory, glaciers preserve valuable information for the history of our planet. Every winter, information in the form of snow and debris is added to the outer layer of the glacier. They are therefore the memory of past winters, the memory of our mountains. Sadly, due to our technological development over the last century, the planet's climate has begun to change, the higher temperatures now seriously endanger the survival of these natural memories. 
So I decided to dedicate part of my photographic project to glaciers, I want to show through my images what a wonderful thing we have and unfortunately we are losing."
View of the Mýrdalsjökull ice cap in the South of Iceland - August, 2018
Since I started traveling, I immediately set out in search of breathtaking shapes, obviously in the middle of nature. From the very beginning I was fascinated by the vision of the first glaciers.
I remember that the first time I was in Iceland, I stayed for hours watching them even from a distance. From that moment on, glaciers are a passion and a topic of great interest for me.
Marti whatching the big wall of Ice, Sólheimajökull glacier, Iceland - August, 2018
From that moment I became interested in winter mountaineering and I started to learn the techniques and safety maneuvers and I bought some equipment. I wanted to see more and come back to see them after years.
Me while admiring the majesty of Sólheimajökull glacier in Iceland - August, 2020
The morphology of the ice gives unique shapes and intense colors. That strong and impactful blue that shyly lights up inside the crevasses is a joy for the eyes. 
The high natural contrast of the deep blue of the live ice. Iceland - August, 2020
Adventure photography as a means to document how these scenarios are experienced.
Adventure photography on the glaciers. Iceland - August, 2020
The making of video...
Bring your imagination out thanks to its particular shapes!
"Ice Sharks" - Iceland - August, 2018
The cave. Iceland - August, 2018
The man in the cloak. Iceland - August, 2018
I do not get to finish here. I am only at the beginning, I will continue as long as I live to explore these very powerful and at the same time vulnerable territories. I don't know if we will be able to stop this change and make our impact more sustainable but we will try and I hope that these visual testimonies will raise someone's awareness.

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